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Cooking Up Successful Extension Programs

at The Extension Eatery


Welcome to Cooking Up Successful Extension Programs! The Pillsbury Dough Boy and Julia Child return to CSU Extension for an exclusive encore of their “Cooking Up Successful Extension Programs”. Your host will now seat you at our virtual venue, The Extension Eatery, where Chef Brent and Chef Jenny will guide you through all the steps of planning, implementing, and evaluating a SUCCESSFUL Extension Program.

Please enjoy your meal at your own pace. Following your meal, we will convene for a live question and answer session to discuss any questions and ask for program feedback. Follow each of the tabs along the top of this table to view the menu, courses, supplemental materials, and course evaluation. The materials tab contains pdf files of the slide sets for you to follow along with or print out to use for note taking. Please view all the courses and complete the evaluation by October 31.

Our final Live Question and Answer Session will be offered via Zoom on Tuesday, November 1, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. During the session, we will answer questions, have discussions, and review each of the topics that were covered.

If you have any technical or website difficulties, please email or call 970.241.3346, ext. 104. Happy dining!



Let’s Get Cookin’ | Welcome and Meet the Chefs

Planning the Dinner Party | Program Planning Using Steering Committees

RSVP, If You Please | Using Eventbrite to Manage Enrollment

It’s All About the Menu | Using a Reverse Timeline to Plan Programs

The Invitation List and Seating Plan | Developing a Timeline for Program Promotion

Emily Post Would be Proud! | Approved Practices for Conducting Extension Programs

The Critic’s Choice | Using Qualtrics to Evaluate Programs

The Final Course | Questions, Comments, and Parting Thoughts


Accompanying Slide Decks

Cover for Press Release Template

Press Release Template

Steering Committee Meeting Invite Template

Steering Committee Meeting Reminder Template

Pre-Course Survey

Post-Course Survey

Vetting Speakers